Commercial Geography Class 12th HSC-Part 2 (XII) Past Year Papers

XII Commercial Geography 2008

XII Commercial Geography

NOTE: Attempt FIVE questions in all. Question No. 1 is compulsory. Select TWO questions from Section A and TWO questions from Section B. All questions carry equal marks.

Q.1 (a) Answer any Five of the following parts: (10)
i. Name any three types of farming.
ii. Name three barrages built on the river Indus
iii. Name three populous countries of Asia
iv. Name three different kinds of coal
v. Name any two artificial forests of Pakistan.
vi. Name three well known gas fields of Pakistan.
vii. Name two sea canals of the world.

Q.1 (b) Choose the correct answer for each from the given options (05)
i. It is called the silver fibre. (Jute, Cotton, Wool)
ii. Warsak Dam is built on the river. (Indus, Kabul, Jhelum)
iii. Thermal Power is produced by. (Wind, Water, Coal)
iv. Commercial Geography is a branch of (Human Geography, Physical Geography, Economic Geography)
v. The winter rainfall in Pakistan is due to (Mediterranean wind, Monsoon, Westerlies)


Q.2 (a) What is meant by commercial activities? Elucidate. (06)
Q.2 (b) Describe different type of commercial activities with example. (09)

Q.3 (a) What physical and economic factors are required for the cultivation of Rice? (06)
Q.3 (b) Describe main rice producing countries of the world. (05)
Q.3 (c) Name the main exporting and importing countries of Rice in the world. (04)

Q.4 (a) What geographical factors are required for the localization of Iron and Steel Industry? (07)
Q.4 (b) Give an account of the development of Iron and Steel Industry in Asia and Europe. (08)

Q.5 Write short notes on any Three of the following: (15)
i. Tea Production in South Asia
ii. Coal Reserves in Asia
iii. International Migration of Population
iv. Panama Canal
v. Fishing Grounds of North-West Europe.


Q.6 (a) Write down the importance of irrigation in Pakistan. (06)
Q.6 (b) Describe the different modes of irrigation in Pakistan. (05)
Q.6 (c) What are the present problems of canal irrigation in Pakistan. (04)

Q.7 (a) Explain geographical conditions necassary for the cultivation of Wheat. (08)
Q.7 (b) Name the major wheat producing areas of Pakistan. (07)

Q.8 (a) Describe the importance of the means of transport in Pakistan. (07)
Q.8 (b) Describe the main highways of Pakistan. (08)

Q.9 Write short notes on any THREE of the following: (15)
i. Importance of Railways in Pakistan.
ii. Mineral Oil Reserves of Pakistan
iii. Population Density in Pakistan
iv. Mangla Dam
v. Energy Resources in Pakistan


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